Welcome to Quang Ba Trade Union Hotel

         Situated on the premises of more than 30.000m2 next to the West Lake, with beautiful surrounding lotus ponds, Quang Ba Trade Union Hotel is nestled in a green space filled with sun, air, fruits and flower frflagrance. Here, you can indulge yourself in the serenity of  West Lake, the aroma of lotus flowers and the vibrating temples nearby. Quang Ba Trade Union Hotel is close to Hanoi  night flower market, West Lake residences and many other pagodas. Noi Bai airport is 40 minutes  and Hanoi downtown is 10 minutes by car.
         Initially named the Quang Ba Trade Union Guest House, the Ha Noi Trade Union Tourism Co.Ltd. founded in 1960 is an enterprise directly under the Hanoi Confederation of Labour. The Company operates pursuant to the business law and regulations of the Viet Nam General Confederation of Labour with the following activities:
- Hotel and restaurant's service
- Domestic and international travel's service
- Construction and business organization of shopping centers, supper markets, centers to support the development of traditional careers
- Massage, point acupuncture and sauna's service
- Transport of visitors, of goods and taxi service
- Business management of restaurants, villas, apartments ang resorts
- Sport services and entertainment activities
- Direct import export activities : goods , materials and equipments , production materials
- Labour export
- Investiment and development of tourism , housing and farming projects
- Vocational education , careers training and advice , studies abroad advice...
- Joining and associcating with local and international companies , indviduals extend the scope of activities of the company

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Perfectly designed from the ideal of elegance, sophistication with the unique deep colour and the modern interior style and comfort will bring the absolute satisfaction to our customers.

With a network infrastructure qualification 2 star hotels Union Publicity can offer entertainment, entertainment for you in a better way.The dining area with two restauran boasting two different gasreomonic styles.With a capacity of hundred persons , surrounded by beautiful lotus ponds.And many other entertainment services, such as utility : Tennis ,Sauna , Massa , physiotherapy,travel services , mini supermarket ...

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